About Us

Welcome to our webpage about our Love for Maltese! We are two sisters – Anna and Elena Rogozina.

We bought our first Maltese Masterpiece v. Countess of Holland “Jamie” in 2012 from a Dutch breeder Marja Vermolen. We had dogs of other breeds before, but this ray of sunshine has brought to our lives so many positive things and started our love for Maltese which continues to this day and with Marja we soon became good friends.

At our first international dog show, when Jamie was 11 months old, he received his 1st Excellent, the title «Best of Breed» and became Young Champion of Cyprus, San Marino and Montenegro. This was the beginning of Jamie’s successful show career during which he won 23 titles and inspired us to create the kennel “Amber Palace”.

The kennel got its name in honour of Jamie’s mother: International Champion Alexandra Ambrosio of Princess Maltese “Amber”. She was a graceful dog with the best Korean lines who has won many titles in her show career and gave birth to a number puppies who became Champions as well.


As a couple for Jamie we chose a very beautiful dog with the best American and European lines – Multi Champion My Fair Lady v. Countess of Holland “Kiki”. We had our first litter with her- 4 charming healthy puppies: 1 boy and 3 girls. We then had another litter of 4 boys. We left one of the puppies to ourselves and the rest are happily living in other families throughout the world: in Cyprus, Holland, Russia and delight their owners with whom we consistently communicate with the help of Internet and follow our “kids” growing up. Some have already visited us, some we have visited ourselves. We plan to continue to develop in this direction and pursue our dream – to raise our own champion from our kennel “Amber Palace”.

Our family lives in two countries, Russia and Cyprus. In Cyprus we have a lovely house in the tourist resort Protaras located on the Mediterranean coast. I have lived in this warm, sunny country for about 20 years.as well as having the opportunity to devote my free time to my hobby – our Maltese Kennel «Amber Palace», I work in tourism and villas rental. Elena lives in Russia, but regularly comes to visit and spends all of her free time in Cyprus. We love this island for its warm climate, the sea and open and hospitable people living here.

It is also an ideal place for our dogs. We can go on walks on the daily basis as rains in Cyprus are extremely rare and on the coast it never snows. All of our dogs live with us at home. They are truly companion dogs and always follow us wherever we go. The puppies are born in our living room and grow up surrounded by family, love and care. To add, we have a garden with a green lawn, where they can all run and play during the day and come upstairs with us at night to sleep in their own beds.

The dogs accompany us on our car trips to the shop, restaurant and visits to our friends. It is very easy to do because of their small sizes as well as due to the fact that we made a choice of a small home kennel which includes only a few Maltese. Therefore, we can take them with us whenever we want with the help of a carrier bag. We take the puppies for walks starting at 5 weeks old using a stroller specifically designed for dogs. This helps them to learn about the surrounding world and socialise. For example, they are not be afraid of loud sounds and are used to traveling by car, which is very pleasant for their future owners.

Despite their miniature size, Maltese have a strong character. They are sincere, intelligent, loyal and noble. Their playful and good nature makes them great companions and friends not only for adults, but also for children.

Thank you for visiting our site and please come back again, we regularly update the information. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Friendly Greetings,
Anna and Elena Rogozina