About Maltese

Do they mix with other dogs?

Yes, with supervision bearing in mind the size and temperament of the other dogs.

Do they like children?

Yes, they most certainly do. Children certainly like them as they can be viewed as a white teddy bear. They should be taught that they are NOT a toy. Children must be aware they must not play too boisterously and must always be under supervision

Do they like long walks?

Yes, they are quite happy with both long walks and staying at home if it’s raining or you don’t feel like going out. It’s the company they need as well as the exercise.

Do they like the car?

Yes, as long as they are going out with you they are happy to go anywhere. The best way for them to travel is in a special bag which is placed down on the floor of the car or with a safety belt around to secure. This will prevent motion sickness and make the dog feel secure.

Are they intelligent?

Yes they are and quick to learn.

Are they playful?

Very, they love being played with.

Do they bark a lot? 

They only alert you to unusual noises and are normally not noisy dogs.

Do they have any inherent diseases? 

They are relatively healthy and long lived.

You should keep your puppy away from running up and down stairs as it can damage the puppy’s growth plates and cause long term problems. A child gate should prevent this.

Can I kennel them while I go on holiday?

It would be better to ask the breeder to look after your dog while you are away – most reputable breeders will be happy to help.

Why can they only be left for short periods of time?

When it’s an adult you can leave for up to four hours at a time maximum – if you leave them any longer you should expect a few toilet accidents. They are more likely to get bored and develop noisy and destructive habits. To prevent this you should consider asking someone to come in and let your dog out to break up its day.

Do they like sunbathing?

Yes, they always choose the warmest part of the garden to sunbathe

Are they good gardeners?

Yes – they love to help in the garden. Collecting acorns, eating pears, digging up plants particularly if you have just planted them.

They are just full of fun and have to be watched, so they don’t eat something they shouldn’t.

Do they like treats?

Of course – they can be a good way of training your dog and rewarding good behavior.